Matt Furie's creation
Return of the Quack

Matt Furie, creator of the much loved indie comic BOY’S CLUB, has supplied the art for a web-video game called Return of the Quack. And it’s excellent. It’s Friday! At 2 pm the workweek ends, and you may commence playing this game.

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Quack tokenomics.

$Quack Token details & Tax distributions.

Total Supply

The total supply is 100,000,000 $Quack .

Buy Tax

Tax is 0%, everyone loves zero tax tokens.

Max wallet

No max wallet after ca renounced.

How to Buy

To buy our coin, On the Ethereum Network, it's an easy join,
First, acquire ETH, our token's mate, Then swap on UniSwap, it's never too late.
Connect your wallet and approve the spend, The transaction is quick, it's just a friend. Invest with ease and trade with glee, Quack's memecoin fun is yours to see.

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